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SEO 7 Tips To Follow In 2020

The world of search engine optimization has changed since the invention of the Internet. With the evolution of search engine algorithms and changes in consumer behavior, marketers are trying to come up with new ways to address new challenges. If you want to stay ahead of the competition in 2020, we suggest you implement the most recent strategies. In this article, we are going to discuss 7 SEO tips that you can follow for better SEO.

1. Image Link Building

Image link building refers to any photos you find on other websites that link back to your site. Typically, these photos are downloaded from your website and uploaded to a separate website. If someone uses their image on their website without your link, you can send them an email request for backlinks. It will be win deal for both of you.

2. Landing pages should be relevant

Make sure your website’s home page provides relevant content for online search. It’s not a good idea to rank for a list of keywords just to attract traffic. This will not work if the target user of your home pages does not meet the demand.

In other words, you may want to add relevant keywords and phrases to your landing page content. Uploading misleading content to your website is the biggest mistake you can make.

3. Work on your metadata

You may want to review your metadata to make sure it contains material keywords. Excluding this, the text should be fertile to the metadata. But don’t want to stuff your keywords because it can have a negative effect on your rankings.

4. Your web pages should loading faster

About two years ago, Google
published that it would Envisager page speed when ranking web pages. Therefore, all you have to do is make sure your web pages load fast. If they take people through the ages, the user experience will be negatively affected.

5. Keywords vs. Content Themes

You may want to focus on content themes more than keywords. In other words, you may want to create content that will generate user interest. Extensive articles contain a variety of initial phrases and keywords.

6. Mobile problem

Today, most people search the Internet on their mobile phones. So, Google gives more weight to websites optimized for mobile devices like mobile phones and tablets. So, make sure that your website opens very well on mobile devices as well.

7. Work on titles and subtitles

Blog posts and articles published on your website must have titles and subtitles. The length of your article should also be customized. The content should provide answers to users’ questions. This is enough for better ranking in search engines.

In short, if you want to rank your website in 2020, we suggest you follow the 7 tips given in this article.

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