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How to Make a Car Insurance Claim

Today I’m going to talk you through making a car insurance claim and here to help is one of my colleagues hello hello now. I’m going to pretend to be the insurer and talk Colin here through making a claim because he’s just had an accident what don’t worry Colin it’s imaginary we’re going to pretend you’ve just praying a car.

So I can explain the claims process and make sure everyone knows what to do but my car’s fine yes Colin like. I say it’s all pretend now after an accident it’s important to call your insurer as soon as you can so off you go give them a call Colin.

Hello i-i’ve just had a car accident oh that’s terrible is everyone ok yep we’re all fine plus it’s imaginary as long as you’re all fine that’s the most important thing now you don’t have to worry as we will do everything we can for you how did it happen.

I was driving along and an echidna jumped out so I swerved and bumped into another car okay uh the first thing to do is assess the situation make sure no one involved requires an ambulance we’re all okay good now as no one was injured you don’t need a police report to lodge a claim .

So the next thing column is to make the road safe for other drivers how do I do that well first things If at first your car is stuck in the middle of the road, you will need help managing the traffic so you need to call the police sorted you need to get your car off the road so you might have to call a tow truck.

If you’re with NRMA insurance they can organise this for you plus get a taxi or hiker to get you home they will also help you find a repair in your area to get you up and running again in no time handy with all this going on don’t forget to take down the drivers details you need their name phone number address license details and the company they’re insured with you got all that yep good the final.

Thing that could be helpful is to take some photos of the accident for reference if you have a camera that is yeah I have a camera phone excellent well now you have everything you need to lodge your claim any advice on how I can calm the Echidna down he’s pretty angry with me can’t hear you anymore hopefully that made making a claim clear and simple if you have any other questions just give your insurer call or pop in to see them you

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