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Insurance Claims processing

Insurance Claims processing

I will show you how we are going to the bills then the bills going to the bills you will see that you have received the insurance company’s claim here and then there is a self-pay claim on the right with some notepad and pencil.

Here you can edit a patient i.e. if you have any information you need then you can see his chart if you go ahead and go to their insurance tab then review their insurance information on the left side at the beginning.

I’m going ahead and I’m going to select them all because I want to edit and the reason I’m editing confirms my information is correcting my CPT and ICD9 here below I can do later I checked my CD and I processed the CPT Can do.

Review the bill directly from here or next by saying what I am doing I will review my CPT and I can see 89 and I will go ahead and close it to make sure they are correct because now I have reviewed all my claims .

I can then go ahead and process again because once you get used to it you can just go ahead and left click knowing your bills are ok you can click left and right now you can click on the process and you can go here how you Choose what you want to process again and continue at that time.

I’m going to go ahead and close it again below your self pay again the same thing you can edit the patient if you want to verify an information that I’m going to click on several patients here and I’m going to tell the process it will give me the option to print .

Transferring my invoice or these patients to the patient liability means that I am going to pass on those two claims to the patient liability I am going to forward and close it and how you will process the claim.

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